Infometrics is a privately owned and operated company. It offers a range of economic consulting and forecasting services on commercial terms to companies, business organisations and government departments.

Since being founded in 1983 the company has built a reputation for rigorous and independent work, delivered on time and within budget. The company has a range of economic models and modelling expertise to apply to specific consulting projects. All regular forecasts and analysis are available on the web site.

The company is based on a team of six professional economists plus support staff. One of the professionals is Dr Adolf Stroombergen an econometrician who has been directly involved with future impact ltd in developing models, including the Regional Economic Model that is outlined on the site.

New Zealand Earthquake Commission (EQC). EQC is New Zealand's primary provider of geological disaster insurance to residential property owners. The role of EQC is to help New Zealanders mitigate against and recover from the effects of geological disasters. It does this by education programs, by securing New Zealand residential property owners against the cost of these disasters and by helping organise repair and replacement after the event. In a time of disaster, EQC works through its Catastrophe Response Program which sets out how EQC will cope with the substantial increase in resources that will be required at such a time.


Enterprise Horowhenua (EHI) is the Horowhenua Districts official economic developments agency charged with enhancing the local economic environment, helping local businesses & attracting resources to the districts. EHI is an incorporated society with over 200 members : companies, non-profit organisations and individuals. EHI is also the contracted deliverer of New Zealand's BIZ training and BIZ Info services plus a range of other services to its members and business generally in the Kapiti and Horowhenua districts. The primary initiative for the development of the Kapiti Coast-Horowhenua Regional Economic Model came from EHI who funded and provided detailed input to the original scoping exercise that lead to Industry New Zealand (www.industrynz.govt.nz) funding development of the full model.

The Kapiti Coast District Council is responsible for public services within the Kapiti Coast district. The Coast is Wellington's gateway and coastal haven as well as being one of the fastest growing districts in New Zealand. It is located on a 40 km strip between the Tararua Ranges to the east and the Tasman Sea to the west. The district is renowned for its attractive climate and lifestyle and for the commercial opportunities offered. The Council is committed to managing growth in such a way that the environment and the important natural features such as land and water are protected and enhanced for future generations. The Kapiti Coast is one of the districts included in the Kapiti Coast-Horowhenua Regional Economic Model, along with the Horowhenua district to the north.

The Horowhenua Council manages public amenities and services within the Horowhenua District, which is an hour north of Wellington on the west coast. It is a semi rural district flanked by the stunning Tararuas on one side and the beautiful east coast beaches on the other. To the early Maori, Horowhenua with its inland bush, the feeding ground of thousands of pigeons, its bountiful streams and its rich warm soil, was the 'Garden of New Zealand'. The Secretary of Lands, in 1886, characterised the district as one "where the wind never blows harshly and all the land is good." Today the fertility and climate of Horowhenua are still valued as key resources. The vision of the Council is for a greater range of employment opportunities and increased employment, increased economic activities as measured by a variety of local economic indicators, increased average household income to at least the national average and increased visitor numbers and visitor spending. Horowhenua is one of the districts included in the Kapiti Coast-Horowhenua Regional Economic Model, along with the Kapiti Coast to the south.