Simulation Modelling

"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe."
-Abraham Lincoln

In order to solve a business problem, we first have to understand it.

The Service

  • System Dynamics Simulation Model is a proven computer simulation of an organisation's
    process flows and interrelated systems components.
  • We customise the software for your organisation.
  • It simulates diverse future-oriented scenarios to get answers to your "what if?" quesions.
  • The result is a dynamic model that will allow you to cut through complexity,
    experiment with your future and then monitor your progress all without leaving your office.


  • An ability to readily explore diverse scenarios and options for the future.
  • A cost effective tool that cuts through the complexity of modern day decision making.
  • Risk-free experimentation that takes away the gamble with alternative futures.
  • Use of the latest simulation software, as used by international companies (eg. Shell, General Motors, Microsoft).
  • New insights into the key factors driving issues related to the desired futures.
  • An ability to test individual scenarios and to evaluate specific options for the
    future, including monitoring and evaluation.
  • A fresh and far-reaching approach from highly experienced consultants
    in the field of systems thinking, innovation, strategy development and simulation modelling.

Simulation examples

Click here for the web sites of organisations that have been associated with future impact ltd and the development of the system dynamics models outlined on the site.