This simulation shows how a major New Zealand hospital can look at ways of reducing waiting times at their Accident and Emergency Department.

Using real data, patient flows in A&E were analysed by priority (triage) level and medical condition.

The easy-to-use Flight Simulator control panels are then used to show the impact of patient arrival rates (by time of day for each triage level), treatment times by A&E staff, treatment times for specialist coming from elsewhere in the hospital, availability of specialists (their rosters), availability of beds in the wards for the patients that are admitted, administration times within A&E, and capacity constraints within A&E.

The simulation takes approximately five minutes to go through, and gives a useful indication of what we can do for your organisation.

To start the Hospital Emergency Department simulation, click here and follow the online instructions. You may click on the "Previous" arrow button located on the left of the simulation pages to take you back to the previous page.